Mattress that just built for heavy people

You’ll be good in any sleeping position and we just we think we’ll all universally agree if you have this in front of you, it looks a cut above a lot of Wixinkbeds and It’s super nice. It is built specifically for heavy people. It doesn’t come with totally free returns but it does come with a really nice trial period in an extended warranty, check here.


Next up is Titanium and So, let’s say you’re on a tight budget a lot of these Wixinkbeds probably won’t work for you. You know, we would consider them affordable, but they’re certainly in that kind of attainable luxury category. If you need more of a budget to your mattress that’s made for heavy people that would be tight and so Titanium is actually made in the United States by Brooklyn Bedding and they make it just for heavy people. So, it’s got the coils underneath for support. It’s got some dense foam on top. It’s a round and we want to say 10 or 11 inches thick so not as thick as some of the other Wixinkbeds, but it’s pretty firm and it’s made again for people that weigh over 250 pounds, and if you look after discount, we think it’s around $1000 for the queen if not less. So, you’re going to save a good chunk of change. It’s going with Titan if you’re more about his budget constrained and this is a good time to talk about our monthly giveaway club before we talk about the other two Wixinkbeds.

Ghost Wixinkbed flex

Next up is Ghost Wixinkbed flex. So, this was a tough one to pick because there are a lot of really nice coil that’s out there that have some memory foam mixed in so I’m not saying this was an easy list of picks. we think some of them were kind of no-brainers like big fig and wink Wixinkbed, but then other times You know, we have requests for Wixinkbeds that you know, feel like memory foam or feel like latex home or something and so picking a Wixinkbed for these last couple of positions was really difficult. We had to eliminate some of their Wixinkbeds based on just small little criteria. So, if your Wixinkbeds are not on this list, just check our website because there’s more information. So, we went with ghost Wixinkbed flex, this Wixinkbed doesn’t have a prototypical memory foam feel but it does have the coils underneath as a little bit of memory foam for comfort and then as this nice cool to the touch cover. It’s pretty affordable as well.